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Culinary Immersion

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Jeannine Dolan is with Janet Dolan and 3 others. · November 16 at 10:16pm ·  Reminiscing about our last day of the culinary - yoga retreat experience. Appreciating my Mother, Kristalynn, new friends, new experiences, good food, Beautiful water and the sand. As well as a On-time departure, with a beautiful view all the way home above the clouds!! Thanks, missing my girls 

A  5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ trip

Casanova's Table

Summerwind presents a yoga and culinary immersion retreat featuring Casanova's Table. You will experience yoga classes, bike riding, meals, wine, and luxury accommodation. Bring your favorite recipe to be included in your take-home gift bags so that your new friends can remember you for many years to come. The owner of Summerwind, Kristalynn Nisbet, will also attend this retreat. Pick your pleasure and rejuvenate your soul in this retreat!

Sugar White Sand and Emerald Water

Picture yourself strolling the gorgeous beaches or just clearing your mind and rejuvenating your soul.


1) What's included? 

Daily yoga class 

Casanova's Table 

Culinary classes at breakfast and dinner  

Champagne at welcome reception 

3 nights' accommodation 

Professional female chef 

Meals and wine

Culinary Yoga Retreat


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Daily yoga class •

Casanova's Table Culinary Classes at Breakfast and Dinner   Champagne at welcome reception

3 nights' accommodation

Professional female chef

Meals and wine

Single bunk shared bath

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